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Frankfurt - Tel Aviv: One of the most wonderful trips I ever had!
Sunday, 30. April 2017 09:43
By: Dr. med. vet. Christiane Haupt
Orly, Matan, Christiane, Amnonn, Celine & Aline

In honor of Shmulik Landau: The "Shmulik Swift Care Center" and swift friends united - Orly, Matan, Christiane, Amnonn, Celine & Aline © O. Brill

Celine & Aline

Teaching volunteers: Celine and Aline are feeding the swift patients. © C. Haupt


Feeding Alpines in the evening. © O. Brill

Christiane & Godzilla

Mighty Godzilla is sucking the finger. © O. Brill

Christiane & Godzilla

Drinking at last. Just like we do. © O. Brill


Boxes with swift patients. © C. Haupt

Amnonn & Celine

Amnonn gets an emergency call: a swift from Haifa will come, injured by a cat. Celine is preparing the food for last feeding. © C. Haupt

Gregor & Godzilla

Our Alpines: Gregor (left) and Godzilla with the damaged primaries. © C. Haupt

feather set

Preparing feathers: This feather set belonged to a Swiss Alpine swift, died last year. © C. Haupt

glass fibre, carbon sticks & super glue

Working with glas fibre, carbon and super glue. A dirty job … © O. Brill


I will never forget these exciting and crazy days I was able to experience in Tel Aviv! Actually I planned to visit the "Shmulik Swift Care Center" in Tel Aviv only because of an imping-OP to an adult Alpine swift with some damaged primaries. But this visit became so much more when I met my Israeli swift friends, and lastly it was an unforgettable and impressive adventure which I would never want to miss …


I was very impressed by the "Shmulik Swift Care Center" that was founded by Amnonn Hahn and is supported by FOTS "Friends of the Swifts" Organisation. It is really pioneering work that our Israeli friends and partners are doing there, - and doing successfully! Sure, still they need urgently a lot of helpers and financial support. But they are highly motivated and committed themselves with heart and soul. They are geniuses of improvisation. They are a great team, where I felt comfortable every minute of the day. They are currently supported by Celine Amirault, swift specialist from Paris, who is doing a two-week coaching at the newly founded Center.


It was an honor for me to spend three days in the center and to perform the imping-operation to the Alpine swift "Godzilla". Israeli television was on-site and will report on it.

Thank you, my dear friends, for this amazing time with you!

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