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Common Swift (Apus apus) get frequently mistaken for swallows or even diurnal bird of prey, that's why we have listed some unmistakable characteristics on the basis of you will be able to different Common Swifts from all other species of bird.


Further we have a photo gallery of different stages of life of Common Swifts.

The Common Swift belongs to the swift family (Apodidae), order Apodiformes, which includes a range of 85 – 90 mainly tropical species. In Germany the Common Swift is mainly found. Further south - starting with the region of Freiburg and expanding throughout Southern Europe – you can find the significant bigger black/white Alpine Swift (Tachymarptis melba). The Pallid Swift (Apus pallidus), very similar to the Common Swift, is also endemic in Southern Europe. It's unknown how far the Pallid Swift has expand to the north as a breeding bird. All three species are migratory birds.

juvenile Common Swift © P. Hartmann
juvenile and adult Alpine Swift © E. Brendel
juvenile Pallid Swift (left) and juvenile Common Swifts © E. Brendel

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