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Feeding equipment

What you need:

- a small household sieve for thawing crickets and grasshoppers

- a small porcelain plate for preparing the food

- a little bowl of drinking water

- another bowl, preferably made of another material, for hand disinfectant

- blunt, rounded tweezers

- a glass of vinegar and water to disinfect the tweezers after feeding

- a clean cotton handkerchief to cover the feathers


After feeding, carefully clean the tweezers and plates and dry them.

Sterilise the tweezers once a day in boiling water.


Feeding site: 1) Tissue to cover the bird, 2) pair of short tweezers with round heads for feeding, 4) small cup of "Sterillium" to disinfect the fingers, 4) pot of diluted vinegar to disinfect the tweezers, 5) glass of water to flood the tweezers just before touching mucosa, 6) bowl of drinking water (in this case fennel tea), 7) plate with food insects

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