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  Common Swifts
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Companies who help us

In this corner we say thanks to all corporations and freelancers who support our association with material and money or supply us gratuitously with devices and services.
We appreciate (in loose sequence):

Corporate logo of Jürgen Bunk GmbH & Co.KG
Corporate logo of Tierarztpraxis Dr. Maike Höcht
Veterinarian practice Dr. Maike Höch - Relaxed visit of the veterinary
Corporate logo of Gooding
UHU - the famous trademark for glues

Buchenstraße 9
D-65933 Frankfurt

Tel.:+49(69)35 35 15 04
We accept only swifts! Questions regarding other bird species will not be answered!
Information regarding other bird species: http://www.wildvogelhilfe.org/
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