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How can I recognise that a swift which I have found is in trouble?

Possible symptoms:

-   ruffled feathers, closed eyes, bent back
-   the bird is shivering, and feels cold
-   the bird scratches in panic when held in the hand
-   too thin and feather light, it is just "skin and bones"
-   injuries (wounds, blood, limp wings, twisted limbs, and so on)
-   blood from the beak, nose or ears
-   throat (pharynx) white or grey instead of rosy
-   convulsion, cramps
-   breathing difficulties, or noises while breathing, open beak
-   cries, screaming noises


An accident victim in shock: ruffled feathers, closed eyes. © C. Haupt

A thorough examination of the foundling is necessary, preferably by a vet, to understand why the swift has gone down, and to help it properly in a way appropriate for its particular problem.


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